Dorothée’s iconic Onefooter Ring is making waves across North America.

A one foot length of sterling silver or 18k gold wire is first forged in various directions, much like life pushes and pulls us. The wire is then wound repeatedly into a continuous loop, wrapping around the finger many times without beginning or end. This design started as a drawing in brush and ink; the undulating line of the brushwork can still be detected in the translation into metal. Because each one is wrought by hand, the flow of wire finds its own way each time I create a new ring. Thus, every Onefooter ring is unique and different; no two are the same.
This sweet new shot of new variations is by Christina Arsenault Photography


It is pretty amazing to me: the human tendency to get attached to physical objects. I recently had a lesson in this, when my most beloved shoes died. I have worn those things through almost any weather here in our Atlantic Coast climate; they do ok even in snow. They are easy to slip on […]