New Onefooters with gems coming daily

This is a very busy time of year for use makers.
Now that the shows are finished, I am still finishing more Onefooter rings with gems every day.

I managed to get a few quick photos of the newest additions of Onefooter rings with coloured gem stones. The photo quality isn’t great, but it’ll give you an idea. Have a look here!

Some of the newest ones have the most amazing gems.

I will try to get them all onto the site, including the ones still I had with me at the shows, in the next few days.  If you fell in love with a particular one, and know its OOAK number, just drop me aline and ask if I still have it.

unheated green tourmaline from Maine, hand-cut in Nova Scotia!


yikes what a great sapphire, eh?


This unheated peridot is from Arizona, hand cut and polished in Nova Scotia


Trunk Show at the Waegwoltic Country Club

Dear friends,

if you are in Nova Scotia, there will be one more chance to come see me and my work: this coming Thursday, December 7th, I will put together a pop-up trunk show at the Waegwoltic in Halifax’s South End (click here for directions). This elegant urban country club will be a delightful setting for such an event, and I am really looking forward to meeting you in its relaxed atmosphere. Normally, the club is open only to member. However, for this event, anyone can come in (free of charge of course). Drop by between 4pm and 8pm.

I will certainly have my jewellery with me, including MapleLeaf rings in gold and silver, and many one-of-a-kind Onefooter rings with special gems.  This will be a last time to decide on one of those, before most of them go to Toronto into the shopAGO.
For Thursday’s event, I have an added treat in store :

have you seen these short videos? They lightly illustrate a bit about what inspires me and how I work. And they also feature a very special instrument, listen:

What you hear is the traditional Swedish instrument nyckelharpa. The musician playing for the videos, Symphony Nova Scotia violinist Kirsty Money, will join me on Thursday from 5-6pm with her own nyckelharpa, so play some music and to introduce you to this unusual instrument. Come for 4pm and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine (offered from 4 to 5pm, only), stay to hear Kirsty play, and visit with me. The dining room will be open, so you could plan on staying for dinner if you like. Their menu is here.

Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!



If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will know that I just finished a series of shows across the country: first Vancouver, then Toronto, and finally Halifax.

The transformation of an empty convention centre hall into a glimmering craft show never seizes to amaze me

It is a curious thing: to take the artist out of her studio and put her smack in the middle of a bustling holiday craft fair. The contrast is more startling than you can imagine: from the quiet solitude of the studio into the midst of thousands of people coming through the door every day as they are at CircleCraft.

Photographer Grace Laemmler captured well the quiet solitude of the artist in the studio

But I enjoy it tremendously. I love to talk about my work, I am always curious to meet people. This year, several people who had been thinking about it for years (since they first saw the banners with my work, all the way across Cambie Bridge), finally took the plunge and are having me make them custom rings, which is exciting. Most of all, I love watching the delight my pieces can bring to clients.  In Vancouver, I had a particularly interesting experience in this regard. Let me tell you about it.

My festive booth at CircleCraft this year

I often talk about the fact that, with each and every ring being unique and different, the ring often ‘finds the finger’ – meaning that some rings are made for a certain person, and when they slip that ring on their finger, something clicks.

This young woman came up to the booth, we chatted briefly about how I use a one foot length of gold, which I then forge along its length, before letting it find its way around the finger again and again. She slipped the ring on her finger, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see it: the slight slump in posture, when a person tries on the ring that is made for them.  The tiniest exclamation of “Oh!” came from her lips. This was a match, there was no doubt in my mind.

Now – this young lady clearly had had no intention of buying herself anything, never mind a gold and diamond ring. And I am never pushy about selling. So, despite the obvious strong connection, she put the ring back in my tray, and went on her way. But she couldn’t leave it. When, a couple of hours later, she finally decided to simply take the plunge, we both were so touched that we almost wept.

Such Joy!

It was a truly special moment. I know that this ring will bring Miss A happiness as much as a physical object can. And I am so happy to have been there for this very special moment.
I have another such amazing story, but that one is a secret yet.

I have finished with my shows for now, and only have one more event coming up: an intimate showing at Halifax’s Waegwoltic Club, on Thursday, December 7th, 4-8pm. If you are in Halifax, by all means, come join us. The Club is usually closed to visitors, but this will be an exception. 

And if you are in British Columbia, I will have work in an exhibition in Richmond, along with several peers and some former professors: Canada 150 Art Jewellery Show will have their Opening Reception on November 30 at 6:30 pm at Mings Diamond in Lansdowne Centre. It is always an honour for my work to be shown alongside such amazing artists and luminaries, including Charles Lewton Brain, and two Governor General Award-winning jewellers! The show will run until December 31.

Some amazing names to be amongst

Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax

Ah, it’s that time of year again: time to bring the pieces I make out of the studio, and meet my clients in person at shows, Coast to Coast.

This year, I will have 3 stops: Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax. 

The CircleCraft Market in downtown Vancouver is one of my favourite events of the year. The event is excellently produced, and it is always a joy to see fellow crafters and chat with West Coast clients, and of course meet new ones. I’ve been here two days already;I got so busy making the work, I didn’t get around to telling you about it! This year, you will find me in booth #332.

Following that event, I particularly look forward to the opportunity of doing two trunk shows in Ontario for the first time. I am beyond thrilled to be sharing these with one of my biggest idols: Canadian jewellery great Janis Kerman. 

I only met Janis once, years ago, and was completely star struck. She has been making jewellery almost as long as I have been alive, and continues with relentless perseverance and complete elegance. Gallerist Noel Guyomarc’H recently wrote an entire book which journals her career.

The Ontario events, hosted by Gallery Gemma, will offer an intimate setting for these Pop Up Jewellery shows, “By The Power of 2 •  2 locations, 2 award winning artists, 2 dates

The Toronto Yorkville event will take place at the Liss Gallery, one of Canada’s top art galleries for collectible investment art, on Tuesday, November 14, from 10am until 6pm.

On Wednesday, Nov. 15, we will be at Gallery Gemma Jewellery in Caledon Ontario, inside the award winning Alton Mill Art Centre, 10am to 5pm

I truly look forward to these events, and hope to see some of my Ontario clients in person, to show of some pieces with very special stones I have been making lately.

Following Toronto, I will of course see my Nova Scotia peeps at the annual Designer Craft Show at the Cunard Centre, November 17-19.

I also have a private event up my sleeve, for later in November. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for details.

Me, too

three, actually.


This wave of anger and tenderness, which has breeched its virtual banks and spills into real-life conversations daily. It makes my daughters call me to have deep conversations.

The aspect I am most grateful for is the spreading of awareness: this massive presence of the topic of sexual harassment and assault on social media and in our conversations means that people are getting informed. Young people are getting informed.

I was so young, I thought it was normal. This normality was confirmed when it happened a second time. and a third. The first (abusive) relationship meant at least the guy stayed?
My god, what a long way I have come since then.

I was in my late twenties when I realized what had happened to me fourteen years earlier. It explained the incessant urge to shower, then. I remember at the time getting into so much trouble with my mom, for using too much hot water.

This water is far gone under my bridge and from my body, and I stand high above, strong and whole.  My gaze is raised.

I have been so fortunate to have kind and gentle people in my life, who have helped me heal.
I follow a path that looks at things as they are. And I have the great fortune to now live with the love of my life, and to have found a way to create a livelihood from my passion for creating works of art by hand.

Most of all: I managed to raise two strong young women.
Gratefulness is what I am left with. So much gratefulness.